Jerry is a free-spirited fellow with a big heart, a sweet face, and a desire to please. He’s a handsome 7-year-old Retriever mix with a tan coat accented with white on his chest and neck and up across his muzzle and between his chocolate brown eyes. As is to be expected of his breed, Jerry has plenty of energy, so he’d love a big yard in which to run or the chance to take nice, long walks. He isn’t particularly interested in toys, however, preferring to play with other dogs or people instead. And he never says no to a tasty treat. Are you looking for a feline companion who’s well past that exuberant kitten stage of life? If so, Dani might be just who you need. This sweet lady is about 8 years old, so she’s quite settled in her ways, content to curl up in a favorite spot and enjoy a long, well-deserved nap. She likes attention, but she doesn’t beg for it and seems happy just to be in her own space. Dani has a medium-length white coat with little touches of grey here and there and big, golden-yellow eyes. All she wants in the world is a safe, comfortable home where she can be herself.