Bruce truly is a gentle giant. He is, without a doubt, a pretty big guy, but his personality is more like that of a cuddly teddy bear. Bruce is a handsome 4-year-old black retriever mix with a huge, ever-present smile and a sweet, loving disposition. He really enjoys being outside and will occasionally play with a favorite toy, but more than anything, he just wants to hang out with someone. He is active but not hyper, so he’d fit in happily in just about any household, and since he likes other dogs, he’d be content to have furry siblings as well. Swing by today to meet this wonderful dog. If you’re a cat lover, there’s no way you’ll be able to resist this little sweetheart. Shadow is simply adorable. He’s a 3-month-old black and white tuxedo kitty with huge yellow-green eyes and a playful, fun-loving personality. He’s a typical kitten in that he’s full of energy and just a touch of mischief. Shadow is hoping to find his new home soon so he can start proving what a delightful cat he is.