After years of being involved with staging the SC Festival of Flowers triathlon, Greenwood native Jeremey Davis wanted to showcase Uptown Greenwood to out-of-town participants.
So, after the festival cut its event last year, Davis and Set Up Events staged a triathlon with a new course that brought competitors into Uptown to see what Greenwood has to offer.
The only problem? Last year’s event was contested on a Sunday morning, meaning there was little available in the way of shops and restaurants.
This year, race director Davis moved to shake things up again, choosing to stage the event Saturday morning. That way, when the field of triathletes completes the event, they can partake in the Uptown experience.

“One problem that we always had out at the state parks was people never really got to see Greenwood,” Davis said. “I grew up in Greenwood and I’ve always been really proud of the Uptown area ... so I wanted to really get people into Greenwood.