Snow has fallen, and all of the Lakelands' scheduled games for Tuesday were postponed.
But is this a headache to athletic directors, who are responsible for rearranging the winter sports schedules?
Not really.
"It's not too bad; it's toward the end of the season," Dixie athletic director Todd Brown said. "I just had to make a few phone calls and got great cooperation from (Calhoun Falls athletic director) Mike Craigo, and we got everything ironed out by 10 a.m. (Tuesday). I just hate it for the kids, not being able to play."

The reason Brown and Craigo had to communicate Tuesday was because their teams were supposed to play each other that night. Craigo, also coach of the Blue Flashes' varsity boys basketball team, confirmed with Brown their makeup game is Feb. 6 with the girls starting at 6 p.m.
If there is any possible wrench thrown into the sports-schedule machine, it's the lack of rest this change may bring. For instance, Dixie and Calhoun Falls have games Feb. 7 with the Hornets playing at Tamassee-Salem and Calhoun Falls playing host to Whitmire.