This season's 17-12 record is somewhat of a mixed bag for Lander University men's basketball coach Jeff Burkhamer.
On the one hand, it reflects a fantastic turnaround from 2012-13's disastrous 9-17 campaign. And yet, it represents just how close the Bearcats came to earning an NCAA Tournament berth, only to fall a win or two short.
So, which is the predominant emotion Burkhamer feels when looking back on the season?

"I think it's a little bit of both," Burkhamer said. "It's really encouraging that we're right there with the best teams in the region, but a little frustrating that we weren't able to take the next step and go ahead and win two or three more games and get in.
"We lost to good people, we beat the teams we were supposed to beat, and because of that, we had a good year, but if we had gotten a couple more games done, I think it would have been a great year."
A glance at Lander's schedule shows five losses by five points or less. Those are the games that, had they gone the other way, likely would have vaulted the Bearcats into an at-large bid into the NCAA Tournament.