Erskine College baseball coach Kevin Nichols never gets a break away from the game. Whether it be coaching the Fleet, recruiting new players, hosting baseball camps or toting his own kids around the South for baseball tournaments, Nichols’ life is baseball.
And, he would not have it any other way.
Currently, Nichols is laid up in Myrtle Beach for a vacation. Why Myrtle Beach? His son Jax is playing in a world series tournament with the 9U Team Rawlings.
“Any time I can be around my family, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing, it’s good,” Nichols said. “We are just always doing baseball. Whether (oldest son) Brick and Jax are on the bus with me as we open up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, or I’m in Myrtle Beach watching them. Baseball is just a part of our lives that we all enjoy.”

Nearly Nichols’ entire life is based around baseball. Erskine’s season typically begins in February, but is essentially year-round with workouts and offseason practices and training. His two sons each play little league baseball and travel baseball with their respective Team Rawlings squads. Jax even plays for the 8U and 9U Team Rawlings. Nichols also helps coach a baseball camp in the summers at University South Carolina as well as hosting his own at Erskine.