Some will say and think otherwise, but the loss of a longtime gathering place in Greenwood is a sad occasion, one worth noting.
On the heels of Greenwood's recent winter storm, Sports Break was badly damaged in a fire. The restaurant/bar was not occupied at the time, thanks in part to the storm. Normally, there would have been a lunch crowd at the time the fire broke out. However, the storm caused a delayed opening there, just as it delayed the opening of many other businesses. The fire could have been far more tragic had the sequence of events been very different. Fortunately, there were no injuries in Wednesday's fire. There were, however, substantial losses. Not only has Kevin Prater lost a structure, his place of business, but also his employees have lost a source of income.
A Greenwood resident suggested on Facebook that perhaps the grim situation could be somewhat mitigated by the kindness of others. She suggested other area bars, restaurants and clubs temporarily hire Sports Break employees until Prater can get the business back open.
We don't know how feasible that suggestion is for these other employers, who might already be fully staffed, but if anyone can and will reach out to these people, they will be doing a wonderful thing worthy of more than just a thumbs up.

Anyone who travels along Grace Street or West Laurel Avenue cannot possibly have missed the changing landscape.
Where once there was a golf club and water treatment plant is bit by bit being converted into a wonderful green space for Greenwood. Grace Street Park will no doubt become a premiere corner lot not for the hustle and bustle of shopping, but rather for the enjoyment of residents who want and need to get away and enjoy the great outdoors. Already you can see how the pond at the corner of Laurel and Grace will be a great place to visit. There will be walking trails, a dog park and more. We look forward to the project's completion. Will the park provide Wi-Fi? Probably not, but we can only bet there will be a large contingent wanting to turn the park into the office away from the office. The beauty of the park, of course, will be the fact it will provide a place to escape the office.

Thumbs up to members of Greenwood's two Rotary clubs, high school Interact clubs, Boy Scouts and various others who carved some time out of their Saturday morning a week ago to package 24,192 meals that will make their way to needy families and individuals in various parts of the world.
This is the fifth year the Rotary clubs have teamed to package the meals and participate in Stop Hunger Now's worldwide efforts.

Lakelands Home Builders Association gets a thumbs up for organizing its fifth Chili Cook-Off taking place Friday. Lots of good chili to sample while helping this organization fund scholarship and help the good work done by Habitat for Humanity. Readers might want to cut back or even forgo chili altogether on Super Bowl Sunday just so they can sample all sorts of delicious recipes Friday while funding some good charitable works.

Well done, City of Greenwood. Nah, we're not talking about the fact you got the Christmas decorations down in less time than it took to put them up. We're offering you props on beating the county during the annual City vs. County Food Drive. When all was said and done, when all the food supplies were weighed Monday, the city handily beat the county by more than 3,600 pounds. After a decade of seeing the Can of Corn Trophy go to the county, the city reigned victorious. Of course, the real victors in this friendly competition are the Food Bank of Greenwood County, Greater Greenwood United Ministry and the Soup Kitchen. So, in reality, the thumbs up goes to the city, the county and all who contributed toward the cause.