Well, we will no doubt leave someone out, but it won't be intentional.
A big — and finally thawed — thumbs up to the various people whose jobs and responsibilities kept them busy day and night during the winter storm, dubbed Pax, while many others huddled comfortably at home.
That certainly includes the various arms of the public safety sector, such as law enforcement, EMTs and fire crews. The thumbs up also goes out to hospital staffers, utility crews, emergency preparedness officials, dispatchers, state Department of Transportation employees.
Again, we don't mean to leave anyone off the list. Suffice it to say we all should appreciate the dedication and due diligence exhibited by those whose job it is to maintain safety and try to keep our lives as normal as possible during inclement weather.

While on the weather topic, we'll also have to give a thumbs up to many residents throughout the Lakelands who heeded the advice to stay off the roads and remain safely at home. There were a few who couldn't resist taking to the roads in their cars for what was nothing but a sight-seeing trip, but for the most part it appears people exhibited some common sense about venturing out. As a few people noted on social media, you know the situation was bad when the king of big box stores shuttered its doors.