Yes, we have the freedom to congregate essentially as we wish on private property, but we’ll still give the New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan a thumbs down for its gathering in Abbeville County last month and its plans to come back next year. Abbeville doesn’t need that, really.
On its blog, the group claims to have had 116 members attending the weekend gathering. That’s about 116 more than we’d like to have had show up, but ... While enjoying a time of fellowship, which included a wedding (bet the bride looked great in white -- white sheet, that is!) the group voted on a few matters, such as whether to allow women and non-Christians to join or form youth groups. All were voted down, by the way, which is fine. And interesting. We figure there’s no need for youth groups as no doubt the children are being more than adequately indoctrinated in hatred before they -- the boys, anyway -- can become full-fledged, card-carrying Klansmen. Besides, the hoods and sheets probably don’t come in kiddie sizes. As to women memberships, that’s probably no surprise. Gotta keep those women where they belong -- in the kitchen and mass producing more little haters.
Almost laughable -- were it not so sad -- is the group opted to exclude non-Christians from membership. There’s a bit of irony there, isn’t it, considering how non Christian-like the KKK’s agenda is. But hey, guys with prior felonies need not apply either, so the group’s got that going for it, right? Can’t have any Jew-haters with felony records in the club, by golly.

Anyway, y’all members of this New Empire have your quiet and clandestine -- or should we say Klandestine? -- meetings on private property all you want and the rest of us will do our best to ignore your existence. Oh! And you can bet a few Christians will pray for you, too, but they won’t be offering up prayers of support.
A couple of well-deserved thumbs up for some un-KKK-like behavior.
First, to the United Way’s Stuff the Bus program that took place this week. Don’t tell the New Empire Knights, but there were whites and blacks working side by side to gather school supplies for area underprivileged students who soon will return to the classrooms. Well done.
And then there is Sarah Bucciero, featured on Wednesday’s front page, who has found a way to turn her own son’s death into as much a positive as possible. She participated in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation 46 Mommas Shave for the Brave in Boston. While honoring the legacy of her son, Carter, who in 2012 at age 3, lost his battle with cancer.
Participants -- black, white, Christian, Jew, non-Christian and so forth -- converged on Boston the end of last month, having raised funds to combat childhood cancer and heighten awareness of the wicked killer it is.
A final thumbs up. This one is to Greenwood County Council for channeling dollars -- including a large chunk of change it got in the form of a Federal Aviation Administration grant -- to make improvements on the runway at the county airport. That airport is not just for private plane owners. It serves as a major inlet and outlet for area businesses and industries, as well as prospective ones. And if we are to continue serving and attracting business it stands to reason we need to maintain a decent airport.
We do have one small suggestion. If there are any dollars left after the substantial improvements are made, the county might want to put up a few signs -- deer crossing signs, that is.