Greenwood -- the city of, that is -- gets a thumbs up this week. Yeah, we still think better planning could and would have avoided the digging in the dirt for electrical lines smack dab in the middle of the Festival of Flowers’ main weekend, but that’s behind us now. Digging is still going on, but all should be ready for next weekend’s Festival of Discovery and Greenwood Blues Cruise. And once it’s done, that should be that.
But the thumbs up comes the city’s way because of its foresight in putting out those electrical traffic signs so early to let travelers know Main Street will be closed for the duration of the Festival of Discovery. The warning signs are well placed and the advance warning is appreciated. Sure, there will be some folks who have driven by it for a week who will subsequently forget they were duly warned, but such is life.

 We’ll give a thumbs up to all you folks who, like many of us, became overnight soccer -- futbol -- fans. We know, with people such as Lander University’s Van Taylor and all who are and have been involved in the Toros soccer leagues, that soccer does have some popularity around here. Sure, it doesn’t draw the fan base traditional football does, but it would appear the sport is growing. At the risk of ticking off a few football fans, we do note soccer seems to be incredibly physical and demanding. Not so many breaks in this game. And with that said, we commend to you a read of this Sunday’s syndicated column by Jim Mullen. Might be that wrapped inside all that humor there lies a warm nugget of truth about the game of soccer.