Some people build a legacy figuratively. Others, such as Mack C. Butler, build a legacy brick by brick. One cannot travel around Greenwood without seeing some aspect of Butler's masonry work. And so it is that the 84-year-old's 58-year career as a skilled mason is being recognized during Black History Month at The Museum. Butler not only built a good and solid life for himself, he also built a number of good and solid structures that have been and will be a part of our lives and others' lives for years to come. That deserves a thumbs up.

Lander University gets a thumbs up. Well, not really just the university. It's Homecoming Weekend at Lander and much has been and is taking place. It's great a number of alumni returned to Greenwood for the festivities. Of course, a number of Lander's alumni population still lives here in the Greenwood area, as it has been and remains their home.
That said, another reason for the thumbs up is Lander has chosen to name its soccer stadium for coach Van Taylor. That makes perfect sense. While longtime athletic director Jeff May certainly earned having his name affixed to the sprawling athletic complex off Montague Avenue, Taylor has more than earned this honor. It is safe —?and accurate — to say that without Van Taylor there would not be a soccer program of the scope and magnitude he has built over the years. Well done. Well deserved.