Now that's an idea worth saluting.
The building might have long since lost its value as the county library, but the structure tucked back off Main Street and butting up against the railroad tracks remains a busy facility — this time in service to those who served each of us and their country.
No longer carrying the library moniker, the building was transformed into a place of honor for our area veterans and houses the Hall of Heroes.
On Tuesday, it was learned that an exterior memorial honoring veterans is in the works. Jim Dominick, who serves on the board of directors of Hall of Heroes Inc., gave a presentation to Greenwood County Council outlining some of those plans, which call for a memorial plaza paying tribute to past and present military veterans.

Greenwood has its war memorial, which is actually more visible with the revamping of the street and walk area surrounding it. Veterans' gravesites throughout the county are regularly adorned with flags during Flag Day and Veterans Day. But a whole building dedicated to veterans — and the county has plenty — was an overdue blessing. We are glad the county donated the old library building for this purpose once the new library was operational.