There will be cries of "Big Brother is watching" as security cameras go into service in Uptown Greenwood. But that's OK. The cameras will serve more like additional police officers than invaders of personal privacy.
Technology's evolution provided tools that aid municipalities in maintaining security, and combating and responding to crime.
As Uptown Greenwood continues to grow as an outdoor venue hosting festivals, concerts and the like, the more helpful it will be to have extra "eyes" scanning the area. The person who views this as an invasion of their privacy will be the first to praise the camera use when it becomes a tool that leads to the capture of the person who stole his wallet.

Let's avoid the fear-mongering the city's cameras are straight out of a George Orwell novel and acknowledge they are ultimately a valuable tool in keeping all of us safer and more secure while enjoying all that Uptown has to offer, day and night.
The cameras have our vote. In other words, the eyes have it.