I read with interest the editorial on the possible options for Cokesbury College being considered by the Cokesbury Historical and Recreation Commission. The proposals ran the gamut from winery, charter school, bed and breakfast to retirement home. All were interesting.
I suggest we let Cokesbury College be what it was intended to be, a center for learning, not as a charter school, but a historical and genealogical research center. Use it to tell the story of the unique history of this area of the state. It could also be the home to a revitalized Old Ninety Six Genealogical Society, the Greenwood African American Genealogical Society and the Greenwood County Historical Society. Once again, within the wall of the college, historians and scholars could deliver lectures and others could conduct historical and genealogical research. Some might argue there would be a greater profit margin in a bed and breakfast or a winery.
During the past 10 years, historical and genealogical tourism has become big business. A marketing plan that incorporates history and genealogy into its overall tourism plan can reap benefits. Thirty years ago, who would have thought marketing downtown Greenwood as an arts district would be profitable or successful? All that it would take is vision and leadership to transform Cokesbury College and the surrounding area, into a cultural and intellectual hub.

Harris Bailey Jr.