The Index-Journal continues to ruin my breakfast with its front page editorials on the John de la Howe School.
Why can’t you just report the news in a factual matter without comment. Let the public decide. Every article repeats the same comment, “ the wake of a damning Inspector General’s report in January....” I seriously doubt that the IG ever considered that his report was damning that fine institution. If that is your interpretation, keep it on the editorial page where it belongs.
Furthermore, whose idea was it to start this article (Former state superintendent of education candidate Childs tapped as COO, July 9) with the phrase, “The tumult continues for John de la Howe School in McCormick.” What tumult? Was there an earthquake? The law is being followed and an appointment has been made. I repeat, please keep your editorial comments on the editorial pages where they belong and not in front page supposed news.
Jerry Goldman