It's been a while since I've seen the Buchmans.
Paul and Jamie Buchman were staples in the Sitarz household for most of the 1990s. Paul and Jamie Buchman were the characters in the hit NBC comedy "Mad About You," which was on TV 1992-99.
I found it again while recovering from my stroke. Someone at the FX network had the smarts to add the show to its FXX channel in the afternoons.
"Mad About You" was the story of the newly married couple Paul Buchman and the former Jamie Stemple who met at a New York City newsstand when she basically stole his Sunday edition of The New York Times.
The show highlights the comedic side of the daily struggles of a young couple who try to advance their careers while growing together as husband and wife.
I'm not sure if I like the characters on the show more or that the show stars Paul Reiser, as Paul, an independent filmmaker, or Helen Hunt, as Jamie, a public relations specialist.
I love Reiser and Hunt.
I've been a fan of Reiser since his days in stand-up dating back to the late 1970s and early 1980s. He made his mark as Modell in the classic 1982 film, "Diner."
He had parts in a multitude of movies including "Beverly Hills Cop" and "Beverly Hills Cop II," and was the villain in "Alien." All those movies were in the 1980s.
Hunt has been around for a while and I remember her dating back to her days on a variety of TV shows including "Little House on the Prairie," "It Takes Two" and the "Quarterback Princess."
But it wasn't until she starred opposite Matthew Broderick and some chimps in "Project X" in 1987 that I really started to notice her.
I was glad when she was selected over Teri Hatcher to be Jamie in "Mad About You."

So with four years of Jamie under her belt, Hunt blew back onto the big screen in the 1996 smash, "Twister."
Hunt plays Dr. Jo Harding, a storm chaser who dedicated her life to updating the advanced weather alert system regarding tornadoes. As Jamie, Hunt often was impeccably dressed in the part of a young professional. True me, there was something about seeing her as a windblown Midwesterner that had me thinking she was more than crush worthy.
She would do other feature movies following the run of "Mad About You," including "As Good as it Gets," "Pay it Forward," "What Women Want" and The Sessions." I've seen all those movies except "The Sessions." I don't think my heart could take her playing a sex surrogate.
"Mad About You" successfully shows the good and bad sides of having family, friends, pets, a baby and just about everything in-between. The comedic situations are endless. The couple deals with working on a project together, wanting to be liked by the neighbors, secrets from their dating pasts, mistaken identity, business investments, stolen cable, complicated holidays, weird dreams, family bonding, fertility, baby names and marriage problems.
Reiser and Hunt had an undeniable chemistry that played well for a bunch of years on TV.
The show also had a string of celebrity guests that ranks among the best ever. Stars included Ed Asner, Kevin Bacon, Carl Reiner, Bruce Willis, Jerry Seinfeld, Al Roker, Billy Joel, Nathan Lane, Barbara Feldon, Ellen DeGeneres, Patrick Ewing, Sid Caesar, Garth Brooks, Steve Buscemi, Rudy Guliani, Al Gore and Mark McGwire.
Finding "Mad About You" was a blessing and an oasis among TV's offerings of lovemaking secrets, sports TV reruns, judge this and judge that, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz and "Family Feud" with no less than three different hosts.
It also doesn't hurt "Mad About You" is followed by "Sports Night" on FXX. Another smart move by someone at FX.
I know one thing for sure, I'm mad about "Mad About You."

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