The current council does not represent the majority of Greenwood taxpayers.
The civic center was built in 1980 and taxpayers were forced to pay for it. I do not believe the group picked to study county buildings represents the county voters. We elected a council to represent all the people, not some hired bureaucrat. We were told by council we needed an entertainment center because Greenville, Columbia, Anderson had complexes and we needed a multipurpose building to keep dollars in Greenwood.
The local government gave away several school buildings, our college, our swimming pool, a rec center and many more taxpayer properties because of their age. How many millions are being spent for a farmers market for tourism? What will the life of that building be?
The civic center is in need of repair because elected officials did not do their job. We have had good managers at the civic center who brought all kinds of entertainment. Why havent we hired a manager?
We had $4 million in taxes that should be used to fix the civic center left over from the Buzzard Roost tax.
Why do we allow a handful of people to waste our taxes? Sounds like socialism. Stop the council and be democratic. Let taxpayers vote in November if they want the civic center. What’s the rush?

Jeff Wood