Speaking of the Masters, something we who live in and around Greenwood can and should keep in mind is that there will indeed be an increase in traffic, larger crowds seeking a meal after a long day on the greens and more than a handful of people who are not quite as familiar with every intersection and road as we.

In short, be a bit more alert and keep your Southern charm at its highest. Be a little more forgiving of the driver who does not seem to know where he’s going. After all, he’s helping fill the city and county coffers by spending money here.
Mainly, just keep a big smile on your face, be polite to strangers and when you see someone with a tell-tale sunburn or wearing a tell-tale Masters logo shirt or hat welcome them to town and tell them how much you hope they’re enjoying their time here as well as in Augusta.
Remember, you’re as much an ambassador for this area as anyone else. We’d all do well to keep that in mind if we want to continue reaping the benefits of the annual golf fan who comes to stay with us a few days.