Aside from all that nasty yellow pollen that covered every stationary (and moving) object, there are other signs — more positive signs — that spring has arrived.
Yes, count the blooming azaleas. Yes, count the warmer temps (OK, we’ve had a few odd days thrown in here and there, but ...). Yes, count the short sleeves and sandals you’ve already worn and, yes, count the Easter clothing sales circulars.
Another sign, however, comes to us by way of Augusta, Ga., home of the Masters. The second full weekend in April is nearly a religious occasion for those who come to our corner of the world for one of golf’s legendary tournaments.
Greenwood benefited greatly from the Masters. Year after year, Masters fans have flocked to Greenwood and made it their home base in their daily treks to and from “heaven” during this very week. Many are returning fans, having found Greenwood to be an easy drive and a place that provides comfortable places to stay, great places to eat and a break from some of the crowds Augusta experiences.

Of course, Augusta residents benefit (and profit) greatly from the Masters. To them, the Masters is a revenue stream to be enjoyed. They view Masters fans much the same way Myrtle Beach hoteliers and restaurant owners view vacationers — only they actually do get an extended break from the overflow crowds, making the influx of people a bit more tolerable and manageable.
But here in Greenwood, the Masters puts a minimal strain on our roads and adds only minutes to our own wait in line when eating out. Yet, the city and county do reap great benefits in the form of added revenue streaming through hotels, restaurants and even our stores.
Guess it’s safe to say that those of us in Greenwood might not be in what is considered golf heaven, but it is nice to know that, year after year, we enjoy a slice of it.