Greenwood County Council and county officials probably are not too surprised to learn some businesses are so anxious to boost their revenue streams that they are seeking annexation into the city limits.
Mexican restaurant Santa Fe has petitioned the city in an effort to be annexed. Why? Because its owners have noticed other restaurants in Greenwood's city limits have increased business since the city gave the OK for restaurants to serve alcohol on Sundays.
A referendum on the November ballot will give county residents the opportunity to approve extending the same privilege to restaurants and bars outside the city's boundaries, but perhaps for some that is too long a wait. Plus, there are no guarantees the voters will weigh in with a majority "yes" vote.
Annexation is a strange animal in South Carolina. Municipalities have long bemoaned how difficult it can be to expand their borders and, as a result, expand their tax base. Rest assured, Greenwood city officials — elected and appointed — are more than happy to accommodate such requests. And rest assured, if the voters turn down the referendum in November there will be more businesses willing to fork out the extra tax dollars to be within the city limits.
Don't think so? We'll wager you a mid-sized margarita they will.