There has not been much grumbling, but we expect it. Maybe everyone's been too busy with holiday activities to even notice.
In case you did miss it, the Greenwood Commissioners of Public Works met last week. The three-member board consisting of Mike Monaghan, Henry Watts and Art Bush, gave the final OK to CPW's 2014 budget, which included no increase in the rates to consumers. For the record, this marks the fourth year CPW has not implemented a rate increase for water and gas, the sixth year with no electrical rate increase.
The board also gave itself and all staffers a 1.5 percent pay increase during last week's meeting. And that's what we thought would bring out the grumbling. What does that mean?

For the board, it means rather than earning $7,579.20 a year, the board members will each earn $7,692.89. That 1.5 percent increase is really not much of one, for the board or staff, and is reflective of CPW's good fiscal management.
Time and again, CPW has proven to be one of the state's best among utilities, in terms of rates and quality. We'll not begrudge employees or board members small increase for doing the large job they do.