The other day, I was solicited to donate to a veterans organization. The caller said the money I donated would help veterans get the care they needed and went on to speak of the issues plaguing the Veterans Administration and health and hospital care.
I asked the caller what percent of my donation would go directly to the veterans and what was administrative cost. He said he was unable to answer for legal reasons, but handed my call over to his supervisor. The supervisor told me that 15 percent of my donation would go to the veteran and 85 percent to administrative cost. So, in other words, if I donated $15 to this group, $12.75 goes to running the organization and $2.25 goes to the veteran. It doesn’t seem quite fair.
I suggest before anyone gives money to this or any other charity, they ask this same question and make their decision accordingly. You can donate to the local VFW and American Legion and know that your money is going directly to veterans.
Mary Monarch