As president of Lander University, Dan Ball has a number of accomplishments under his belt.
Having very nearly driven past the university on his inaugural trip to the campus more than a decade ago, Ball set in motion a plan to raise the visibility of the campus from Montague Avenue. He succeeded in grand form.
Ball saw another problem he wanted to remedy. From his perspective, not only was Lander University essentially hidden from the community and passersby, it also was disconnected from the community. Lander, he believes, is — or should be — as much a part of Greenwood as it is an institution of higher learning for college students. Strides are being made in that regard as well. One of the biggest and most visible accomplishments is the Jeff May Complex that transformed the site of a dying shopping center into a vibrant recreational complex that serves students and community well.

Ball is not finished with his visions of how Lander and Greenwood can grow together, as evidenced last week by his unveiling of a proposal that would result in a multi-million dollar complex being built on the campus near Centennial Hall.
The Lander/Greenwood Athenaeum, as he billed the facility, would carry a price tag of between $30 million and $40 million. The current vision calls for a three-level building of about 100,000 square feet to serve a number of purposes. And if Ball's dream were to come to pass, it certainly would fulfill his desire to continue bridging the community with the campus and vice-versa.