There's nothing worse then being a parent and not having the ability to help your child as they grow.
As a parent, you are used to doing whatever you can to help your child navigate through the ups and downs of life.
You are there when they need someone to sit up with them as they battle an ear infection, a cold, colic and any other of the afflictions a child gets.
It's you who is there when the monsters under the bed need to be expelled from their room for the night. The reprieve might only last until the next night when the monsters are in the closet and a monster slaying is needed.
You are the one who takes care of the bumps and bruises gotten by falling off a bike or skateboard or when a Power Wheels truck topples in the driveway and cuts and scrapes are the result.
When there's apprehension about walking down the hallway at the start of a new school year, you are the one whose hand is held for that first journey and however many more are needed.
Time doesn't stand still. As life moves on, you realize all the things you used to take care of are now tended to by your child.
A quick swipe under running water is how a cut or scrape is handled.
The last time your hand was needed to walk down a hallway was in elementary school, which was about two schools ago.
The monsters that once inhabited the imaginations and the bedrooms of your child no longer need to be slain.
Remnants of colds and sniffles are found on the sleeves of shirts in the hamper to be washed. Sometimes the remains of sneezes can, unfortunately, be found on the wall or mirror in the house.
As your child learns to venture out in the world, you never stop worrying and you never stop wanting to make things the best they possibly can be for your child.
It's tough for a parent to learn there are things they can't control. It's also tough when you realize things you've taught your child were understood and are used.

Last week, my parenting skills were put to the test. There was an incident that happened miles away from Greenwood. My oldest son and a friend were in an accident. Thank goodness no one was hurt.
Being so far away, I've felt frustrated, useless and helpless.
I was proud to know my son and his friend, who has been called my third son, were able to handle the situation.
I know it was rough on them to be is such a spot so far from home.
I did what I could via calls and texting. All I could do was understand their situation, provide encouragement and rely on their ability to reason right from wrong to get them through.
No parent ever wants to not be needed by their child. I was the first call made after the accident. The first call I made was to my dad.
Regardless of what people think, some habits are hard to break.
Bumps and bruises fade. Cuts and scrapes mend. Walks are done standing tall. Monsters don't dare come out from under the bed or out of the closet.
There's comfort in knowing no matter the distance, there's no one closer to you than your parent. That goes for the 4-month-old, the 14 year old, the 24 year old and the more than 40 year old.

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