Between the Music on Maxwell concert series and the revamped Live After Five concert series, Uptown Greenwood will have live music streaming through the night air for most of the year.
That's just the beginning. Toss in the musical offerings of the annual S.C. Festival of Flowers and the Greenwood Blues Cruise portion of the S.C. Festival of Discovery, Uptown Greenwood will have live music at least once a month the entire year.
If you don't limit the offerings to just Uptown Greenwood, Greenwood-Lander Performing Arts, Festiva! and Newberry Opera House can be added. So can the Peace Center and Bi-Lo Center in Greenville.
Add the live music at local clubs and events, and there's a potpourri of styles and genres sure to please someone.
Local. Regional. National. International. The talent pool to draw from is endless.
That's why I am among those who scratch their head whenever someone says there's nothing to do in Greenwood, especially when those moaning and groaning are music lovers.

To help complete the year-round music cycle, the City of Greenwood made a wise choice by bringing Nick Hyduke on board as artistic coordinator of Live After Five in Countybank Plaza in Uptown Greenwood.
Hack Bartley helped navigate the concert series for five years. When changes were announced, Bartley said he knew he couldn't take the series in the direction it would now be headed. So, with class and dignity, Bartley stepped down.
Almost immediately, Hyduke agreed to search for musical talent. He worked with the city on several events, including the outdoor entertainment for Click646.
He's good at "discovering" talent. He has a knack of finding performers who are on the verge of becoming big or who have already had some minor success in the music world.
Gigi Dover and the Big Love. Angie Aparo. Romantica. The Trishas. The Spring Standards. The Greencards. The Nields. Vance Gilbert. Ari Hest. Jessie Harris, Slaid Cleaves. Claire Holley. Greg Trooper. Shannon Whitworth. Johnny Irion and Sarah Guthrie.
Harris penned "Don't Know Why;" Nora Jones helped him earn a Grammy Award for Record of the Year.
Aparo wrote "Cry," which Faith Hill recorded and won a Grammy for.
The performers mentioned are now on my radar.
Many have been on late night TV with Conan O'Brien, David Letterman and Jay Leno. Some recorded TV commercials. Many had their songs recorded by others and played some of the bigger fairs and festivals in the country.
Live After Five is giving Hyduke a chance to expand his search for talent. With Music on Maxwell, the listening room experience lends itself to a solo performer or small group. The size of the group for Live After Five isn't a limitation.
Through Hyduke, I've learned to widen my musical horizons and to appreciate what a performer has to offer.
Hyduke loves music, and that translates into him making educated choices. He's been doing that ever since the Music at the Depot days in Ninety Six in the 1990s. Most of the time, he is right on with his picks.
The talent Hyduke is bringing to Greenwood for Live After Five is impressive. Skeptics need not worry. Give the Live After Five lineup a chance. Head Uptown and sit and listen. If you feel so moved, get up and dance.
Who knows, you just might find something to your liking and realize your musical taste isn't as narrow as you think.

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