As we will celebrate the birth of Jesus it is hard to get past the lights, music, near frenzy buying to the real meaning of Christmas.
Indulgence is practiced beyond the means of many, only to discover none of the gifts satisfy and the magic is gone. Gifts are a wonderful means of expressing love for those special to us, but we should not forget the true meaning of Christmas.
Downtown decorations are lovely, but lacking a Nativity — that old separation of church and state — and the taxpayers paid for the lights. Those taxpayers who still believe and want the real meaning of Christmas had no say.
The separation of church and state does not change using Christmas for the benefit of the retail business. Without Christmas, I am sure they would have difficulty making it for the year.
The government can do what it wants, but it does not change the fact Jesus is the reason for the season.

Bonnie Grancelli