Character can be shaped positively or negatively. That is why younger people do well to relate to a positive role model.
People often live by the "I can" policy or the "oh me" policy.
Some situations will challenge the best in us. Many people of my generation live largely by one of the above philosophies. At best, we might sink without outside assistance, but it is worth positive efforts, and calling on others for help.
The "I can" group seems to have the greater impact on society helping groups and individuals to find the way in life. Resources are available to help us accomplish the good. Many of these resources are unused. Should you need encouragement someone around you will be glad to respond.
A father sent his son out to do a task that exceeded the son's ability. The son returned to say he could not do the assignment. After two efforts the son rebuked the father. "Son, did you use all your resources?" "Yes I did." "Not so," said the father, "you have not asked me to help. I am a resource."
Capable and attentive persons will assist us — when we ask. Challenges, when confronted, make us more ready for the next challenge.

Reuel Westbrook