Our lives are like an open book. Some books are thick with many pages. That can represent our days, months and years here. There are many small books, like a person's life that is short here on earth but the content can be very good.
As we delve into reading and looking at a person's life through their ways of living, we can profit from so many things conveyed.
There have been times of so much grief and heartache that life throws at us. Then we might see periods of happiness and joy. A person grows and matures and faces many hurdles. With reading material, we can get fact or fiction. We can put on a facade or be our real selves.
As we study a person, we might find hypocrisy in fact and fiction. When we read a book, we can skip over pages and chapters. The same with our life. We can skip values and find our lives shortened by sickness or other catastrophes.
The back covers of a book often are blank. This is similar to our end. What really matters is if we choose to make each day better, as when we look for reading material. We want the best that will help us in entertaining and beneficial ways.
Humans can also read each other. Many who read my life think I am in the dinosaur age because I am not hip in this technological age. Give them a short while and they too will join the ancients.

Myrtle Boyd,
Ninety Six