One day evil stopped by and took up abode in our country.
Societies that once operated in secret now operate fully in the open. Their evil has encompassed every avenue of life: music, Hollywood, public school system, the media and, lest I forget, the political system. Executive orders are written behind closed doors, our hands are being tied in freedoms of speech, legal actions, Second Amendment rights -- and that is just for starters -- as we have sat silent. Our Christian heritage is stomped on, replaced by a mockery of God and His Holy Word. Pandora’s box has been opened.

Their goal is to control our lives as foolish people grapple for each new electronic device and or new social media to make their lives more instant and fulfilling when in the end it will make life a living hell. Big Brother is watching you, your life is on the big screen.
Real is God, God’s Word and His promises, not only of His wrath but of hope. In a world of turmoil and total chaos, God is the only answer.

Bonnie Grancelli