I can identify with your editorial page cartoon on March 1 depicting an American fighter jet being devastated by the commander-in-chief holding a power saw.
My son-in-law, an F-18 fighter pilot, has tendered his resignation after four years of witnessing military cuts that are severely impacting the condition and reliability of the F-18s he flies. When you have no confidence in the aircraft your country is asking you to fly, when there's a serious shortage of funds for maintenance and spare parts and when your leadership in Washington is endorsing skyrocketing entitlements at the expense of a dangerously low military budget, the handwriting is on the wall.
We're about to lose a significant group of highly trained professionals who are impacted by a misguided government that believes the redistribution of wealth is more important than the ultimate role of government — defending the American people and preserving their precious freedoms.

Chuck Fox