The greatest humanitarian crisis in the last 50 years is presently unfolding in South Sudan. Four million people are experiencing food insecurity, and famine is inevitable. Because of civil war, few crops could be planted. Children are dying at appalling rates, and millions of people are fleeing to neighboring countries, especially Ethiopia. This mass exodus creates a crisis in its own right.
South Sudan became the world’s newest nation in 2011, having finally achieved independence from North Sudan. because of a lack of political leadership, the country has devolved into civil war, resulting in destruction and chaos of epic proportions. While the power struggle between rival leaders goes on, millions of people suffer from lack of food, clean water and the most basic necessities.

Neither the U.N. agencies nor international government relief organizations have the funding required to deal with this crisis. How are we as individuals and as a nation to respond? First, we can pray that God’s hand will move in to bring about a just peace in South Sudan and that the widespread suffering will be alleviated. Also, many organizations such as Red Cross are doing critical work in South Sudan despite the risks. Even small donations made by many people can make a big difference.
Nancy C. Wilson
Ninety Six