My wife and I consider ourselves members of the Lander family. My wife was on the nursing faculty for 17 years and I have taught in the Business School when I have been asked to help out. We are Docents at the university and support the G-LPA program as season ticket holders and as donors. We also financially contribute to the university.
We were absolutely taken aback by not only the announcement in the paper and on Lander’s website concerning the split that occurred between G-LPA and Lander University, but also by the rather cavalier attitude displayed by President Dan Ball. Both the university family and the Greenwood community deserve a detailed explanation as to why the decision was made to end the relationship and possibly destroy a valuable program for Lander and Greenwood.

If President Ball is not more forthcoming perhaps you can assign an investigative reporter to find out what is going on. Lander is a public institution and in this situation the public needs to know specifically what the “real” story is. We have always been supportive of President Ball and are aware of the many difficult financial issues that have to be faced during his tenure. We think he has dealt with most of them very well. On this one, however, unless he is more forthcoming with information to the community, he has blown it.

Len and Bernice Daugherty