How many of us like to be full or empty? Well, we have quite a few days in each year to acknowledge really nothing. There is what's called Thanksgiving for a starter. Really, it's all about anything but thanks.
If we could only look back and see the suffering and thankfulness of the Pilgrims who ventured into this country. Only a few people and no modern means but their love for each other and for God allowed them to be here.
If we do not have thanks in our hearts, then we have greed. It really is a breeding ground for a hole that is never fully satisfied. To bare this out, look at what comes with Thanksgiving. The very next day there is Black Friday. We can see through the veneer of a person's true self. Shortly after, there is the Christmas Day in our holiday calendar year. It started as a pagan worship day. Some ancients believed in worship of the sun, they thought Dec. 25 was the birthday of the sun god. Down through the years and changing of the calendars, Christians favor that day as the birthday of Christ.
No one  knows the actual day Christ was born, but all that matters is he was. Again, selfishness has put on a crown for that day.
Profits for business and gift giving has left the true meaning empty and void. When are we going to celebrate with love and thanks?

Myrtle Boyd
Ninety Six