Ashley Solomon
Ashley Solomon
A woman was arrested Thursday following reports of a savage beating last weekend.
Ashley Solomon, 24, of 102 W. Kirksey Drive, Greenwood, was charged with kidnapping in connection with the incident.
The battered and beaten victim met with police Sunday outside a mini-mart along South Main Street and reported the alleged assault. She told officers her live-in boyfriend held her against her will between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning and administered a savage beating. According to a Greenwood police report:
She said she and the boyfriend had lived together for the last two and a half years, and that the man had met the female suspect three weeks ago and allowed her to move into the residence.
The victim told officers she and Solomon went to Walmart on Saturday afternoon and she met an old high school classmate there, and said hello. When they returned home, the suspect told the boyfriend about that encounter at the store. That set off a brutal assault as the boyfriend began accusing the victim of having sex with man she spoke with at the store. She told officers the man then grabbed her by the neck, threw her down on the kitchen floor and began beating her in the head and face and began striking her with a shoe. The victim said the attack went on for hours, and said Solomon turned up the radio at one point to drown out the sounds of her screams.
She told police the man then ordered Solomon to get a stick from outside so he could beat her, and the suspect eventually returned with a four-foot long twig about the size of a quarter in diameter. The man then beat the victim over the head at least twice with the stick, and threatened several times to beat her to death. During the attack, she said, Solomon told the victim she brought the beating on herself and said she should have never disrespected the boyfriend.
After the beating, the man then ordered the victim to stay in the kitchen until her injuries subsided and poured several glasses of water on her to keep her awake when she began to pass out. The woman was able to escape the house Sunday morning and fled to the mini-mart on South Main Street where she met with officers. She said both the boyfriend and Solomon told her several times during the ordeal that she was going to die, and the man also threatened to kill her family if she told police.
Officers on Sunday morning responded to the home where the victim said the attack took place, and did not locate the suspect or the boyfriend. They did find water on the kitchen floor and a stick like the one the victim described in the attack. Police also found other evidence corroborating the woman's story.
The victim suffered severe bruising and swelling all over her body from the attack. An alert was issued for the boyfriend, who is listed as a suspect in the report.