A McCormick woman faces several charges after police reportedly found her passed out in a Taco Bell drive-thru late Sunday night.

Barbara Quarles, 44, of 573 Pine Hill Circle, was charged with driving under the influence, assault and battery, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, and threatening the life of a public official in connection with the incident.

According to a Greenwood police report, officers responded and found the woman’s car stopped about 15 feet after the order window in the drive-thru. Police found the woman unconscious in the car with the engine running. Officers were able to wake the woman and noted her speech was incredibly slurred.

A volley of belligerent and combative encounters began once officers attempted to give the woman a field sobriety test, which she refused. During an observation period to test the suspect’s blood-alcohol content at the Greenwood County Law Enforcement Center, the woman remained hostile and continued yelling. Officers noted she repeatedly requested police to execute her by shooting her in the face with a gun. The woman refused to take the blood-alcohol test.

The suspect’s erratic behavior continued as she began panting and breathing heavily, telling officers she was going to have a heart attack or stroke, the report stated. Officers eventually took the woman to Self Regional Medical Center to be treated. There, she continued her tirade, yelling and cursing at nurses and hospital staff. While being escorted into the medical facility, she spit on one officer.