With outdoor temperatures forecast near 0 degrees or below Tuesday morning (with wind chill factored), the City of Greenwood will not run its Tuesday residential sanitation route.
The route will instead be run Wednesday.
Tuesday’s route is centered on the Uptown area and northern portions of the city. Neighborhoods include Northlake, Rock Knoll, Laurel Ridge, Avalon, Kathwood, Brentwood Hills, Avondale, Hampton Trace, Orchard Park, Northcrest, Woodcrest, Grendel, Henrietta Heights and Greenwood Village. See “pink” areas shown on the collection map - http://www.cityofgreenwoodsc.com/client_resources/publicworks/sanitation.pdf.
The city’s commercial sanitation route will run on schedule Tuesday as drivers are in enclosed cabs.
Greenwood County is running recycling as scheduled as drivers are in enclosed cabs.