Zanquirous Hurley
Zanquirous Hurley
Authorities made two arrests this week in a murder investigation from Super Bowl Sunday when a Greenwood man was found beaten to death inside his home.
According to a statement issued Wednesday morning by the multi-jurisdictional Violent Crimes Task Force, two Greenwood men face charges in the death of Vincent Leon Hurley, a 42-year-old Emerald City native.
Zanquirous Hurley, 17, of 110 Rebecca Drive, and Cavin Harrison, 26, of 225 Booker St., were each charged with murder and strong-armed robbery in connection with the incident. The teen suspect is the victim's son.
A friend discovered the man's body in his home at 1011 Central Ave. the morning of Feb. 3. Investigators initially classified the death as suspicious, noting some elements at the scene that aroused concerns. Greenwood County Coroner Sonny Cox later ruled it a homicide after autopsy results indicated the man died from blunt force trauma to the head and body.
As mentioned in a Feb. 4 Index-Journal article, Vincent Hurley, nicknamed "Moon," was well-known throughout the community for his skills on the basketball court prior to a stroke he suffered years ago, which physically debilitated him. Officers found the man lying face up in a bed with his shirt pulled halfway up his torso, revealing a bruise across his stomach just above the navel. A Greenwood police report indicated the room in which the man was found was in disarray as if a struggle might have taken place. Officers were not clear if that was a result of an incident, or if the room regularly remained disheveled.
Investigators indicated robbery was a primary motive behind the deadly beating. Officials said someone came forward with information about the months-old case, which tied the two men to the death. Officers corroborated that lead and were then able to obtain warrants on the suspects this week. Greenwood police learned of Harrison's whereabouts in Georgia and contacted the U.S. Marshals Service to assist in locating him.

A fugitive task force captured Harrison just outside Atlanta on Monday, according to the VCTF press release. Officers here arrested Zanquirous Hurley without incident Tuesday. He was taken into custody at the Greenwood County Detention Center. Officials at the jail said his bond was denied Wednesday morning and will have to be determined at a later date by a circuit court judge. Harrison is being detained in Georgia and awaits extradition to Greenwood to face his charges.