William Cameron
William Cameron
A pair of Greenwood teens were arrested Tuesday after police allegedly caught them in the midst of an early morning home invasion.

William Cameron, 18, of 114 Colonial Drive, and Kristopher Butler, 18, of 427 New Castle Road, were both charged with first-degree burglary, possession of a weapon during commission of a crime, failure to stop on lawful command and resisting arrest in connection with the incident.

The attempted burglary took place just after 4:15 a.m. at a residence along Ridgewood Circle. According to a Greenwood police report, the homeowner was in the residence at the time and escaped through a bedroom window, alerting police that the burglary was in progress. The woman noticed a Ford SUV parked on a roadside near her home with several of her items packed inside, and took the keys out of the vehicle. The victim then retreated to a neighbor’s home and called 911.

Officers arrived, surrounded the house and spotted one of the suspects standing inside the victim’s home, the report stated. The suspect saw officers and both teens began fleeing from the residence on foot, heading southbound toward their vehicle. During the chase, the duo split up and officers were able to apprehend them after short foot pursuits. Both put up struggles while police attempted to put them into custody.

After nabbing the suspects, officers entered the home and found every room in disarray, with several items scattered throughout, the report stated. Police then searched the suspects and found several necklaces in one of the teens’ pockets. The suspect was wearing white gloves with orange rubberized palms. The victim said the necklaces found in the teen’s pockets were hers. Officers found a digital camera in the second suspect’s pocket, which proved to belong to the victim as well. Police also searched the route that one of the suspects ran while being chased and found a .32-caliber Taurus TCP pistol about 20 feet from where officers caught him. Officers also found the victim’s wallet along the route.

According to the report, the victim told officers she was asleep in her bedroom when loud noises coming from inside her residence woke her. She said the noises sounded like someone was walking through the home and drawers were being opened and closed. She said she opened her bedroom window and sneaked out of the home. She then noticed the Ford SUV parked beside her home with the stolen items and took the keys out of the vehicle. Police noted there were several items inside the vehicle, some of them belonging to the victim while others did not.