Curtis Harrison
Curtis Harrison

Two men were arrested during the weekend following a reported auto break-in near the Gatewood subdivision.
Curtis Harrison, 18, of 122 Faith Home Road, Greenwood, and Brandon Sumerel, 20, of 125 Duke St., Ninety Six, were both charged with breaking into motor vehicle and petit larceny in connection with the incident.
Investigators nabbed the suspects Friday afternoon, two days after officers responded to a residence along Brookfield Drive to talk to the victim. According to a Greenwood County incident report:
The victim told officers he was asleep when he was awakened by his dog's barks and heard noises in his yard. After hearing a car door slam, he retrieved his 9mm pistol, went into his yard to investigate and saw someone exiting a white car as he walked out of his garage. The suspect began running and the victim fired a gunshot in his direction as he fled the scene. The suspect dropped a backpack and a hat as he ran away.
Officers found two GPS systems and a cellphone inside the backpack. One of the GPS systems belonged to a resident of the home, who said he kept it in a vehicle at the scene. Deputies also found a car registered to the Greenwood suspect parked near the scene, and neighbors told officers they did not know who it belonged to.

Investigators interviewed both men Friday at the Greenwood County Detention Center, and they gave a full confession, telling officers they broke into six vehicles prior to arriving at the home on Brookfield Drive the night of the incident. The men fled through a wooded area when the homeowner came out firing shots and rode back to one of the suspect's homes in a taxicab.