Tandy Craig Babb
Tandy Craig Babb
Police arrested two people after finding a meth lab late Thursday night in Ware Shoals.
Tandy Craig Babb, 41, of 22 N. Greenwood Ave., Ware Shoals, and William Madden, 24, of 6814 U.S. Highway 25, Hodges, were each charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, improper disposal of methamphetamine waste and possession of methamphetamine in connection with the incident.
Officers received several complaints about one of the suspect's cooking meth at a residence along Edgewood Drive.
Police were notified by a statewide tracking system Thursday night, which showed the suspect had purchased 2,400 milligrams of Allegra D decongestant medicine from a Walgreens at 1014 Montague Ave. in Greenwood. According to a Ware Shoals police report:
Police went to the residence along Edgewood to question the Ware Shoals suspect about the complaints they had been receiving and noted a strong chemical odor emanating from the apartment when he came to the door. Officers went inside and found two other men there as well as a bucket of bottles, one of which contained a white sludge consistent with a meth lab. One of the men was released from police custody after telling officers he had arrived at the apartment for a cigarette moments before police and was not aware of drug activity there.
Police found 1.2 grams of the substance that tested positive for meth, as well as several items commonly used to cook the drug while dismantling the lab. State database records indicated Babb had bought ephedrine 39 times and been blocked from purchasing it twice since Dec. 13, 2011. It showed Madden had purchased the ephedrine 133 times and been blocked 51 times since Sept. 4, 2009.