Once Greenwood’s Sam Montgomery was pulled over by the South Carolina Highway Patrol at 12:37 a.m. Wednesday, 4.5 miles south of Clinton on Highway 72, he thought he would get ticketed for speeding. Instead, the former Greenwood High School and Louisiana State football standout was immediately arrested. The following day, the arresting trooper was subsequently suspended from his job.
Driving 89 mph in a 55-mph zone not only got him arrested -- which is lawful at a trooper’s discretion at a rate of speed greater than 25 mph above the speed limit -- but also threatened with a Taser by trooper, Lance Cpl. R.S. Salter, on a video obtained from the Department of Public Safety via an open-records request by the Index-Journal. The video also shows Montgomery’s Miranda Rights were never fully read to him.
Montgomery’s court date is July 16, according to his ticket.


The Index-Journal filed a Freedom of Information Act request with DPS for the video, which it picked up today (Monday) in Blythewood.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ4mR__w7HE