Nicholas Day
Nicholas Day
A Bradley man faces charges after threatening to kill a police officer and defile his mother.
Nicholas Day, 24, of 714 Reedy Creek Road, Bradley, was charged with public drunk and threatening the life of a public official in connection with the incident.
Officers responded to First Street in Panola Mill Village following reports of a verbal altercation. Witnesses told officers the suspect threatened to "bust a cap" at one man.
According to a Greenwood police report, the suspect, who admitted he was consuming beer, was subsequently arrested for public drunk after refusing to comply with the responding officer's request he not walk past one of the victims' residences on his route home.
The suspect's ire then turned toward the officer, who noted the man appeared to be intoxicated. While en route to the Greenwood County Detention Center, the suspect began insulting the officer and made a sexually derogatory comment about the officer's mother. He also began threatening to do bodily harm to the officer.
"Wait till (sic) I get out the county, I'm going to show you how I really do," the suspect said at some point during the ride. "If I see you in the streets, I'll pick you up and dump you on your neck and beat the (expletive) out of you."
The man then began spitting on a partition in the officer's squad car, causing the officer to have to put a spit hood on him. When the officer did not remove the spit hood, the suspect grew angrier and began lobbing death threats at the officer, saying he was going to find out where the patrolman lives.