Kilo Marshall
Kilo Marshall
An Abbeville man was arrested last week following a violent domestic dispute at his home.
Kilo Marshall, 31, of 114 Gip Edwards Road, was charged with second-degree assault and battery, and kidnapping in connection with the Wednesday evening incident.
Abbeville police responded to the suspect's home where they found him with an inch-wide stab wound to the left side of his chest.
According to an Abbeville police report, officers found large pools of blood in the residence's kitchen and near the back door. Police found the knife used to stab him in the kitchen.
The suspect told officers he was sitting on the couch when he received a phone call, and the victim grew angry and stabbed him. Police noted the woman had grass stains and dirt on her pants, and the suspect said it was because she fell down the stairs.
The victim said she was attempting to leave the suspect's residence, and he would not let her go, repeatedly blocking her from exiting the home. She told officers the man punched her several times all over her body with a closed fist as she tried to leave and said he choked her several times as well.
The victim indicated she was holding her baby child in her arms during the assault and stabbed the man in the chest to escape the residence, telling officers she feared for her life.
Responding officers determined the suspect was the primary aggressor and concluded the victim was acting in self defense to escape further abuse and protect her child when she stabbed the man.
The suspect was transported by EMS to the emergency room at Self Regional Medical Center the night of the incident. He was taken into custody at the Abbeville County Detention Center on Thursday, records indicated.