Robert Shingler
Robert Shingler
Robert Shingler's five-year tenure as Ninety Six Police Chief came to an abrupt end Monday evening.
Ninety Six Mayor Arvest Turner said the town council voted 5-2 Monday to terminate Shingler's employment as police chief. Turner said Council members Greg Griffin and Elliott Richardson voted against removing Shingler. Turner said he appointed Capt. Chris Porter as interim police chief, pending the hiring of a new, full-time police chief. The vote followed a closed-door session, commonly referred to as an executive session.
The mayor was vague about what led to Shingler's dismissal.
"The reason for the discharge was that we want to move ahead in a different direction," Turner said. "His services were no longer needed."
Turner said the town constantly evaluates all departments for improvements and if upgrades can be made. Turner could not be specific about what upgrades Council thought were needed and were incompatible with Shingler's leadership.
For his part, Shingler said he had not received a write-up or complaint prior to his termination, nor could he point to any friction with Council on any issues. However, Shingler said he has no ill will toward Council.
"I am disappointed I'm no longer serving the people of Ninety Six," Shingler said. "But there is a burden I'm not going to miss. (The council and mayor) are great people and they do the best they can."
Shingler said there was not a specific issue raised to him as reason for his dismissal.