The Red Cross is on stand-by in case the need of shelters arises during Winter Storm Pax.
According to the Greenwood County Emergency Management Service Director Derek Kinney, the Red Cross will be in charge of opening shelters. Two tentative locations for shelters, according to Red Cross DAT Captain Scott Pierce, are Emerald and Ware Shoals high schools.
Pierce said that power outages would be a major trigger for opening the shelters. As of Wednesday afternoon, no power outages had been reported in Greenwood County.
"We're on standby and we're ready to go if needed," Pierce said.
Pierce said that he will be contacted by the Greenwood County Emergency Management Service operations center if the county needs the Red Cross to open a shelter.

"The county won't necessarily open one up, we'll just support it if the need arises," Kinney said.
Kinney urged residents not to call 911 for non-emergency or non-life-threatening situations. Residents can call 864-942-8632 and their call will be directed to the Emergency Operations Center.