SALUDA -- In a short meeting Tuesday night, Town Council declined to vote on a proposal from the Saluda County Council to shift its budget period.
Currently, Town Council’s fiscal year begins in October. The request from County Council would have put the budget cycle at July 1. The request, as put forth at the Tuesday meeting, would have placed the budget period starting at July 1, 2014, leaving precious little time for the town to readjust its schedule.
“We would need to at least go to October and then have a nine-month budget,” town administrator Tom Brooks said. “As it is right now, we couldn’t have done it for this budget year.”
While Town Council’s budget process comes much later than the county’s and the state’s, it is lined up with the federal fiscal year. County Council Chairman Don Hancock said the request arose out of a desire for efficiency.

“I’m disappointed that the town choose to take that route,” Hancock said. “Having our fiscal years aligned would make things more efficient in our treasurer’s office as far as collecting revenue goes.”
Brooks said the town had suffered no ill effect during the past six years by having its budget cycle come after the county and state budget cycle.
“Things have run very smoothly,” Brooks said.
Brooks said Town Council members could change their minds between now and the October budget cycle but it was unlikely.
“I would need at least some sort of notice before October, if we had an appetite to doing so and I did not get the impression council wished to do so,” he said.