ABBEVILLE -- For the second consecutive meeting, Abbeville County Council railed against the reduction of funds from the state’s aid to subdivisions -- also known as the local government fund -- on Monday night. But one county resident took County Council to task for what he called a lack of leadership and foresight in retaining county employees.
Under the proposed Abbeville County budget for fiscal year 2014-15, each county council member would receive a $500 increase in salary. Once adjusted for a full year that raise is $1,000 each year.
Jim Irwin said County Council’s proposal to increase county employees’ pay by 1.5 percent would make retaining good employees difficult.

“Remember they run the county on a daily basis,” Irwin said. “It costs them to travel to work every day and they have no complaint about the gas price (unlike some members of County Council).”
When factored to the current County Council salaries -- $8,400 for chairman, $7,400 for vice chairman and $6,800 for regular members – the $1,000 raise amounts to a 14 percent increase.