Bryon Lewis
Bryon Lewis
A Greenwood man is facing several charges after a raid by Greenwood County narcotics officers Thursday evening.
Bryon Lewis, 47, of 2506 Kateway, was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, manufacturing marijuana, improper disposal of methamphetamine waste, possession of ephedrine in an altered state and possession of marijuana in connection with the incident.
Agents from the county's Drug Enforcement Unit executed a search warrant on the suspect's home Thursday after receiving a tip about suspected drug activity on the premises. According to a Greenwood County incident report, officers found the suspect and another man near a shed at the residence. After agents told the two why they were there, the suspect advised officers he was growing pot plants on the property and the other man did not know anything about it. He claimed ownership for the things on the premises.
Agents then searched two sheds on the property and found six marijuana plants growing, a plastic bag containing pot, several syringes, four soda bottles containing a suspected drug substance, a receipt from CVS for pseudoephedrine and several other items commonly used to cook meth. While booking the suspect at the Greenwood County Detention Center, officers also found two bags of a substance thought to be marijuana in his pockets.
A Greenwood County magistrate judge set the suspect's bond at $30,620 for all five charges Friday afternoon at the Greenwood County Courthouse.