Dequila Carroll
Dequila Carroll
A Greenwood woman was arrested after admitting to running a man's leg over with her car during the weekend.
Dequila Carroll, 22, of 1524 Parkway Drive, was charged with assault and battery high and aggravated in nature in connection with the incident.
The suspect called police Saturday morning to report the incident, saying she accidentally hit the accelerator and struck the victim. An anonymous person at the scene called dispatchers and said the suspect was chasing the man down in her car before she ran him over.
According to a Greenwood police report, officers arrived to the scene, a vacant lot at the intersection of Macedonia Avenue and Little Street, and found the victim lying between a large tree that had fallen to the ground and the front end of a 2001 Mercury Cougar.
The suspect told officers she was driving about 15 miles per hour when her brakes failed, so she drove toward the tree to stop her car, and accidentally struck the victim who was coincidentally in that area. Officers noted fresh tire marks in the vacant lot that made a circle. The suspect insisted those tracks did not come from her vehicle.
Officers noted the woman gave conflicting statements several times during questioning. The victim was transported to Self Regional Medical Center to be treated for his injuries, which included a broken fibula requiring surgery and a large open wound near his left ankle. The man told police he and the suspect began arguing just before the incident, when he began walking along Macedonia Avenue. That's when he saw the suspect barreling toward him in the Mercury Cougar and he ran south toward the end of the vacant grass lot on the road. He told officers the woman made a circle in her vehicle and struck him.