Stephen Neeley II
Stephen Neeley II
A parent was arrested Monday morning after officials found traces of methamphetamine in his child's system.
Stephen Neeley II, 27, of 2220 Montague Ave., Greenwood, was charged with unlawful neglect to a child in connection with the incident.
A state Department of Social Services agent alerted Greenwood County deputies Friday her office conducted a hair test of the suspect, his 3-month-old daughter, and the child's mother. According to a Greenwood County incident report:
The test was conducted Feb. 26 after DSS received complaints about alleged abuse and drug use occurring at the parents' residence in the child's presence. The suspect tested positive for meth at 5,150 picograms per milligram of the drug in his system, a medium-recreation level indicative of daily or weekend usage. The infant child tested positive for a level of 580 pg/mg of meth in her sample. The mother's test showed negative results of the drug.
Deputies visited the couples' home Jan. 18 and found a jar with a hole in the lid on a kitchen countertop. The jar contained a substance thought to be meth. The mother told officers the suspect and friends made meth in the jar earlier that day. The baby was in the house during that visit. Officers called the two to the Greenwood County Sheriff's Office for questioning Friday morning. The suspect's lawyer called deputies that afternoon and told them he would not be coming.